Cabbage, Kraut, Pumpkin

With us, “it always looks like cabbage and turnips”! Incidentally, this phrase also comes from earlier centuries. Since cabbage and turnip are round, they can not be stacked in the warehouse, which makes it look messy there.

However, we do not let that stop us and offer you these typical winter vegetables every day. We are the specialists when it comes to cabbage, cabbage and pumpkin! Well, strictly speaking, there is no botanical difference between cabbage and cabbage. The Austrians say more often herb – our German neighbors just Kohl. Was not he also chancellor?

To be honest, what would a martini without red cabbage be? We have some ideas for you!

Autumn is pumpkin time!

Originally from Mexico and South America, the vegetables are one of the most versatile.

Whether in hearty form as pumpkin soup, pumpkin strudel, etc. up to the lesser known sweet variants in pumpkin pie and pumpkin muffins. And for all Harry Potter fans – pumpkin juice.

But which pumpkin is suitable for which dish? Which one must peel, which not? And how do you cut that hard stuff the best?
You can find out everything here. We show you the tips and tricks for preparing and processing this popular autumn vegetable.
And for Halloween, you can also buy a few adorable decorative pumpkins.

In our shop we offer:

Butternut, cabbage, red cabbage, ornamental squash, Chinese cabbage, cabbage flat, black cabbage, delicacies, cabbage, round spaghetti burgers, kale, ragwort, hokaido, nutmeg and ornamental pumpkins in varying sizes.