Roots & Carrots

The “Giant Rübezahl” certainly did not have as many types of roots and turnips as we did!

Roots and turnips have gone out of fashion a bit. Although we know that they are extremely healthy, they are usually described as boring or unpalatable. Did you know z. B. that red beet juice is used with great success in cancer prevention? Many roots and beets are particularly easy to digest and tolerate, so that even toddlers can be supplied with it.

Roots and Beets – A poor people’s meal?
Not at all. The variations are varied. Whether you use them traditionally or give them an Asian touch. Baked cabbage, parsnips, carrots & Co. are not boring. Have you ever prepared salsify yourself? Or parsley root? Hard to get in the supermarket, they are also a little forgotten. We are bringing them to new popularity because we will also tell you how to prepare them.

Combine roots with mushrooms!
Then our spices and the taste experience is perfect!