Himmelsbach fruit stand

The Naschmarkt – known beyond the borders of Austria for traditional, typically Austrian, but also multicultural, exotic products, which provide true taste explosions.

About us

We are among the oldest market stalls at the Naschmarkt. Our goods and products are characterized not only by unique quality and intense taste. The diversity we offer makes us a popular fruit and vegetable supplier.

So you will not only find over 250 different fruits and vegetables with us. Honey, nuts and selected oils complete our offer. Traditional and extravagant? Yes absolutely! We go with our offer to the current trends and combine them with traditional products. A mix that keeps our customer base growing.

Our history

The origins of the Himmelsbach family story began in the 1960’s with the opening of a fruit and vegetable stall at the Naschmarkt, where Martina’s grandmother already worked as a proud stallwoman.

More than 22 years ago, Martina Himmelsbach and her husband took over the business and have been leading it with great dedication ever since. They are just overflowing with innovative ideas. Boredom can not be found here, because the family business pays attention to what is currently in fashion and offers unique customer service. Martina herself says:

“Anyone who buys, always comes back. We are proof that the market is alive. ” With it she hits the bullseye, because: 80 per cent of the customers are faithful regular customers. If you want to go on a culinary journey, you only have to talk to Wolfgang Himmelsbach. The trained chef advises all customers with his original Salzburg charm about recipe ideas, tips and tricks. z. B. how to get baby artichokes, puntarella and co. best processed.

Do not miss a short chat. There is no mass processing at the Himmelsbachs. Here every customer is still individually and personally operated and advised. The attention to detail is a hallmark of the Himmelsbach family.